Our Team

new-photo-Jordan-554x960Jordan Zwicker

Ever since Jordan was 5 years old he knew he would be an entertainer when he grew up. Jordan has been told by many people that he should be in radio because he has the “perfect” voice. After University, Jordan decided to pursue an on-air job in radio in Toronto. After working for over 4 years, however, he decided to switch professions to the more lucrative career of making people dance and have the most amount of fun at events. Jordan has been to more than 2000 events in his career and keeps going strong. Jordan’s ultimate talent is leading the crowd to great dances and lot’s of laughter!
Jordan is looking forward to working with you to make your upcoming event a huge success and welcome to “our” family!

Stew Fletcher

Stew has been an entertainment industry professional for almost a decade. In that time he has seen his share of a wide variety of events from school dances and weddings to corporate events and large scale concert and theatrical productions. With a background in broadcasting, Stews true love is to DJ for a live crowd. With thousands of spinning hours under his belt, he is confident there is no event he cannot conquer. Originally from Ontario, Stew has performed any any type of event you could ever imagine…and even a few you would never imagine. Stew recently joined the Jordan Zwicker Entertainment team in Vancouver, but always finds himself traveling allover our great country to entertain the masses. He looks forwards to making your next event a great success!

Ryan Freedman

Ryan Freedman AKA “That Guy” has been a commercial DJ since the late 90′s. He began spinning Euro, Trance, House + Hard, then Retro and developed into Electro, Pop, Break and beyond. He began mashing back before the term was even consummated by cutting and splicing tape back in the day. After evolving to digital voice editing programs, he took his skills and knowledge of music to the business side and began a music company called Track Avenue Records. He currently develops, manages and books artists across Canada. He still DJ’s today for select private events and clubs across Canada.

Mitch Masters

What do you get when you put Justin Timberlake’s funny attitude, Justin Bieber’s swag and Chris Brown’s dance moves together? The answer is the high energy of Mitch Masters at a party. Since the age of six Mitch has dreamed entertaining crowds. He has travelled this beautiful country entertaining crowds of all sizes. Over the past couple years Mitch has evolved in the music world by starting a record company called Track Avenue Music with some other industry professionals.


Noah Kallner

Noah is currently attending school at Langara College/UBC. He has been working with Jordan Zwicker Entertainment as a seasoned DJ for a few years and is always gaining valuable knowledge about the exciting world of Interactive Entertainment. In his spare time, Noah enjoys playing hockey and listening to music.

Rachel Beau

Coming Soon!

Disa Cameron

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Daniel Chang

Daniel is currently studying Cognitive Science at Simon Fraser university. He has also been deeply passionate about the world of music from a young age. Daniel’s musical roots come from jazz and hip-hop. In his free time, he does Muay Thai, listens to Sam Harris podcasts and is on a journey of self-awareness.